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echo works with the highest quality professional models

Models who work with Echo rave about her energy and enthusiasm at the shoots - and it's not even about the caffeine. To see how she uses models in her art, visit the page on her Methods. If you would like to inquire about a model or modelling, please email or visit the contact page.

Claire Kramer


Actor-Director-Writer-Friend Claire Kramer has many credits to her name. Most of Echo's fans will recognize Claire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the goddess Glory - but her resume before and behind the camera is extensive with many new projects and roles launching this year.

Claire is featured in the following piece:

on IMDB:

on Wiki:


Josie Lee


Josie is a successful fashion model, glamour model, actress and Media Host with hundreds of credits including Sony and Playboy. She is under contract with a fashion agency in Toronto, Canada and is often seen on the runway modeling for Canada's top fashion designers as well as interviewing at red carpet events and film premiers.

She is featured in several pieces including:

Bella Rouge


Bella Rouge is a superior head-to-toe model with many hidden talents. She specializes in modelling for fine art and only works with the best artists and photographers. Bella has appeared in Playboy, fine art books, and galleries around the world.


Yaya Han

Yaya Han  

Yaya is a renowned convention model and costume designer. Currently based in Atlanta, she is frequently the guest of honor at Anime conventions around the world - winning costume contests, hosting panels on costuming and selling her own brand of costume products.

Yaya is featured in the following pieces:

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais


Echo's newest model hails from Quebec. Marie-Claude is much more than a model - she's a costume designer, prop-designer*, cosplay model and attends comic and costume conventions for fun. She is a genuine renaissance woman of her generation, completely destroying the curve of what defines a geek.

(*She operates her own wood lathe!)

Marie-Claude will appear in pieces to be posted soon.

Roxana Hire


Roxana is more of a fan then a model, and was incredibly excited and honered to have worked with Echo. When not dancing burlesque or hanging out at Cons, Roxana is an avid RPG'er, Warhammer geek, and steampunk cosplayer. She is just recently earned her PhD in Human Genetics and Epidemiology at the University of Maryland Baltimore.

Roxana is featured in the following pieces:

Christine Lemaster


Christine is a Southwest Florida swimsuit and fitness model with a long list of modelling credits including (but not limited to) Hawaiian Tropic, Hooters and appearances on the Howard Stern Show.

She is featured in the following pieces:

Meghan Perkins


Meghan is an swimsuit and pageant model with many kudos to her credit. She was Miss Miami in 2006 and appears on many videos, short films, catalogs and runaways in Miami. In a way, Meghan has been Echo's muse for several years, for her unique features and her ability to transform her look from one photo to the next make her ideal for many of Echo's visions.

Meghan appears in the following pieces:

Jonathan Carroll


Jonathan Carroll cosplayed Superman for so long that he was recently honored with a new character named after him in the latest Superman relaunch - an honor from DC that makes him the envy of millions. More recently, Jonathan has played the role of Wolverine and Batman is several episodes of Super Power Beat Down.

A boyish and shy personality behind the guise of a lion… Jonathan Carroll is an experienced martial artist, fight and stunt coordinator, an accomplished body builder, an avid costumer, and currently models things ranging from replica armor and clothing to posing for artist.

He is featured in the following pieces:

Shannyn Visceral


Shannyn Visceral is an alt-fetish model who is frequently feature on

Photo by: Lillian Liu Photography


Miss Morgane


Miss Morgane is an alt-fetish model who is frequently feature on


Darla Varga


Darla was one of Echo's first professional models. She has left modelling behind
but left an indellible mark on Echo's career in pieces that defined her career in important stages.

Darla appears in the following pieces:

Country Lane


Country appears in the following pieces:

Linh Nguyen


Linh Nguyen is an amateur model who so inspired Echo that she was hired in spontaneously in a single meeting at an outdoor art show. Her natural ability to pose and project emotions was a perfect match for Echo's vision what women ought to be - strong and beautiful individuals to be appreciated as themselves, and not as mere ideals.

She is featured in the following pieces:


If you would like to inquire about a model or modelling, please email or visit the contact page.

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