Art Nouveau Cthulhu Pinups
Project Description

One evening Echo was working on a project and her computer suddenly gave her the Blue Screen of Death, meaning it needed and complete rebuild of the hard-drive. While waiting, she took a brief nap - and inspiration seeped deep into her brain like a sneaky tentacle. Always a fan of the fantastic, Echo was a fan of H.P. Lovecraft's series of works that included The Call of Cthulhu (first published in 1926). In it, an ancient tentacled demon named Cthulhu was sending out telepathic waves into the world driving people insane, particularly artists. Cthulhu, she imagined, was not merely ravaging people's minds through fear, he was manipulating them through their personal horrors. In this series, Cthulhu is driving these poor corsetted women insane by tempting them with desserts.

It should be noted that Cthulhu is a hugely popular monster in the fantasy/sci-fi/horror fandom with his very own conventions. It is even a common assertion that all modern depictions of tentacled demons originates from H.P. Lovecraft. Because of this fandom, Echo's Cthulhu Pinup series is one of her greatest claims to fame, and she is a fan favorite at Comic Cons across the country.

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