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I have successfully used Kickstarter to produce nine (9) original works of art, five (5) books, four (4) calendars and four card decks. All of them succeeded and have been fulfilled.

The last successful Cthulhu Kickstarter was Champagne Cthulhu. Learn more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/echox/champagne-and-strawberries-cthulhu.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter.com is a website for the public to meet creators of their favorite things (e.g., art, music, film, inventions, etc.) and help fund the creation of unique projects that would not otherwise see the light of day.

The public become patrons of Kickstarters by making a one-time only monetary pledge of suppoort to the project, often in exchange for some tangible reward. Rewards for artistic Kickstarters like mine are usually prints of the final work - sometime limited editions and sometimes not. Rewards for Films make include special tickets, rewards for music may include special recordings, and rewards for inventions may include advance copies of the finished product.

It is not an investment platform. There are no shares to purchase, copyrights to earn, or ownership transfer of any kind. Everything is project specific.

About the Kickstarter

I get so many requests for different dessert or alcohol cthulhus, it's so hard to pick which direction to go in! Being in a pirate mood, I've decided to go with RUM!

My sketches never do my finished art justice - I'm a loose sketcher. I envision a gorgeous woman with a pirate hat - perched upon a barrel of run. I found beautiful reference for long barrels of Rum that were used on pirate ships. Tentacles too, of course! I'm debating whether she needs a parrot - but maybe I'll leave that up to a vote! I would like to work on Twitch LIVE so that fans can contribute to some of these decisions and chat with me. Live times will be posted to come by and say HI as I work on her.

With your help, I can create this masterpiece. I won't get her out by the holidays, BUT I AM going to make a printable christmas / holiday card for you to download and print. It will be available once the kickstarter funds, and you can give it as a gift for the holidays! (wrap your dear one a bottle of Kraken or some tako sushi - Guess what I'm backing for you dear!!!)

I need your help to make her a reality! After you back, be sure to share the link with others - and I will create, with your help, the most delicious pirate ever!

Echo Chernik

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