lazarus chernik's biography

over 20 years as an advertising creative director.


Lazarus has spent his career designing and managing unique brands across the country. In addition, he has built and managed entire advertising departments from scratch as both an Agency-side and Client-side Creative Director.


Besides being a profoundly creative professional, Lazarus has established himself as an expert in the creative studio management, having built five internet advertising departments from scratch including for a $2 Billion Agency. Now with Echo-X, he gets to be creative once again and cherry-pick his clients and projects.

Styles & Media

Brands require expert placement in the market. As a brand designer, Lazarus designs for the success of the brand even beynd his own style. When the vision requires it, he manages artists and illustrators from around the world to perfect the brand and profitability for the client.


Lazarus' clients includes everyone from Fortune 500 entities to small businesses in retail, manufacturing, travel, hospitality, food & beverage, sports, and more.


Lazarus is a graduate of Pratt Institute in Brookly, New York with a BFA in Advertising Art Direction (sub Computer Graphics). Early in his life, he began as a teenage intern for the animation studio Karen Johnson Productions, learning more than just art - but how studios were properly run.

Giving Back

Lazarus has written several books on art, art business, art history, and has more in production. He is also a judge and lead instructor for Illustrators of the Future, a prestigious competition for illustrators early in their career. The contest is a platform for established artists to work with and support new professionals in an effort to pay it forward to the next generation.

Illustrators of the Future Contest Judge